You: an investor

Investors need information on the businesses they invest in.

More information allows for better understanding of risk and opportunity, of potential and vision.

But in order to achieve that, investors also need insight in the relevance and validity of IP rights, not just in general, but for the specific market and technology of a particular business.

In today’s market, when valuations of Intellectual Capital can vary wildly (insert link to blog post), understanding and insight in the IP of a business, and how such IP relates to its business model, is crucial to any investor.

Our services allow investors to improve the quality of their understanding of the businesses in which they invest.

We help them make sense of the data, and provide insight, based on expertise and experience, from an angle that only IP strategists provide.

While necessary throughout the period of investment, obtaining this insight and understanding is absolutely crucial at times of compelling events.

Our services include the following: