You: a technology business

For technology businesses, innovation is at the core of its activities. But innovation itself changes. And so do Intellectual Property Rights.

So how do you make sure you use your Intellectual Capital in the best way for your business? How do you tackle changes in business models, such as the rise of Open Source or Open Innovation?

When are these approaches good for you, and how can you benefit from them?

How do you integrate the ever growing importance of software, the Internet, social media? What can you, should you own? How can you control your content?

We provide tailor-made services, specific for your business. We help you figure out when is a good time to look for patents, or rather opt for trade secrecy, or use copyright. Then we help you implement those decisions, better and cheaper.

Not only through our network of contacts of IP professionals (patent attorneys, trademark attorneys, IP lawyers, etc.), but also because we will be able to instruct those professionals in a more cost-efficient way, with a view of what is good for your business.

Our services include: