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The value of money

Money is losing its information-carrying value as a result of information technology’s capacity to create indirect competition through demonetisation of value and direct competition through the creation of crypto-currencies such as BitCoin.

The third horseman of the IP Apocalyps: Open Source

1. What is Open Source? Open Source is a system to license software. There are many different definitions of Open Source. One of the better ones can be found on Wikipedia. In essence, Open Source software is software that is licensed under a very different license from proprietary software. When buying a license (right to Read more …

IP consultancy, innovation and the 4 horsemen of the IP apocalyps.

I’ve been in Intellectual Property (“IP”) consultancy for over seven years now; having started the field back in 2008 when it was still very much a novelty. Especially for the Information Technology industry, where a lot of software companies were ignoring IP, and its relevance on their business models. Things have  changed in the mean Read more …

The Wealth of Ideas – Chapter 4 : The Argument of the Head

A simple theory can work very well. Or it can be dangerously wrong. IPR theory, at first glance, may feel intuitively correct. But, as this chapter shows, it is distorted; it is based on propaganda and fictitious constructs, it denies economic reality, and it ignores some basic important facts, such as the effects of technological progress and the nature of innovation. IPR theory is built on quicksand – once under scrutiny, it falls apart quickly.innovation-vs-imitation-green

The Wealth of Ideas – Chapter 2: IPRs – what’s the deal?

This chapter presents the basic information on IPRs, in plain language that avoids the jargon. IPRs are an area that most IPR lobbyists (and the big monopolistic industries they represent) portray as “very complex” – so complex that, they say, it is left better to the professionals, far away from the transparency of a real public debate on innovation. This is something they don’t like – but it empowers you, reader, and will help to demistify the debate around IPRs. patent-icon

3D-printing and Intellectual Property

Since my last blog post (two years ago) a lot has changed. The technology of 3D-printing has made great progress. And the world of Intellectual Property has started to react to the challenge posed by 3D-printing. Which, in turn, has caused a surprise reaction by the 3D-printing community.   1. What is 3D-printing? Although 3D-printing Read more …

Why criminalizing IP infringement does not work

Criminal law demands high standards of evidence and due process. IP infringement cases repeatedly fall short of those standards. Using criminal law to protect private monopolistic interests is counter effective.   Japan has recently issued a new draconian law  criminalizing “illegal” downloads. A single download can get you 2 years in jail, or fines up Read more …