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The fourth horseman of the IP Apocalyps: Peer-to-Peer, the Crowd and social media

1. What is Peer-to-Peer? In its origin, the expression “peer-to-peer” refers to a computer network, where a distributed computer application architecture partitions tasks or workloads between peers. However, the concept has since moved to social and economic spheres, where it covers issues such as distributed networks, based on the equipotency of its participants – the Read more …

The second horseman of the IP Apocalyps: 3D Printing (& the demise of copyright and design rights)

1. What is 3D-Printing? A 3D-printer is a machine that builds objects, by adding very tiny layers of material on top of each other. It “prints” in three dimensions, using a process called “additive manufacturing”. The cheapest 3D-printers are now available for less than €500, and they can print objects such as coathangers, teacups, decorative Read more …

The Wealth of Ideas – Chapter 5 : The Argument of the Gut

The test of the pudding is in the eating, of course. Let’s do a reality check. While we can’t build a parallel universe without IPRs, we can look at the empirical evidence that is available. And what we see may surprise you. It is evidence that is systematically ignored and omitted by the deep-pocket lobbyists who proclaim the benefits of IPR monopoly. OS

The Wealth of Ideas – Chapter 4 : The Argument of the Head

A simple theory can work very well. Or it can be dangerously wrong. IPR theory, at first glance, may feel intuitively correct. But, as this chapter shows, it is distorted; it is based on propaganda and fictitious constructs, it denies economic reality, and it ignores some basic important facts, such as the effects of technological progress and the nature of innovation. IPR theory is built on quicksand – once under scrutiny, it falls apart quickly.innovation-vs-imitation-green

The Wealth of Ideas – Chapter 2: IPRs – what’s the deal?

This chapter presents the basic information on IPRs, in plain language that avoids the jargon. IPRs are an area that most IPR lobbyists (and the big monopolistic industries they represent) portray as “very complex” – so complex that, they say, it is left better to the professionals, far away from the transparency of a real public debate on innovation. This is something they don’t like – but it empowers you, reader, and will help to demistify the debate around IPRs. patent-icon

Computer user interface – beyond Intellectual Property?

Microsoft announced that it opened up the core code of its Kinect motion-sensing device. This is a very interesting development in the light of recent decisions on whether Intellectual Property protection applies to computer – user interfaces. In other words, does Intellectual Property apply to how we talk to computers? Back in 2010, when Microsoft Read more …

3D printing and Intellectual Property – why are they a misfit?

In my previous post I explained how 3D printing affects the world of Intellectual Property (IP), and how this creates all kinds of problems for IP rights. In this blog I will expand a little bit on why that is the case, and whether something can be done about it. 1. Personalized manufacturing Remember the Read more …