Terms of use

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1. Terms of use

If you want to access or use any part of the site at jorendewachter.com (the “Site”), you must accept these terms of use (the “Terms”). Don’t use the Site if you don’t agree with any part of the Terms.

2. Can you rely on what we write?

Of course. But not for legal purposes. The content of this site is not legal or other advise, and is limited to information provided at face value, “as is”. Since the information provided is not specific or tailored for you, you should not use it to base your decisions or behavior on it.

3. Links to other sites.

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4. IP rights

All IP rights (such as copyright and other intellectual property rights) are with us, except if stated otherwise. We are happy for you to provide links to this Site, but only if you do this in good faith, and without harming us.

5. No liability

We are not liable for your access to and use of the Site. We provide no warranties whatsoever on the Site or its content or functions. When we change the Site or the Terms, those changes apply from the moment they are published.

6. Data protection

We don’t collect any personal data as part of the operation of this Site. When you give personal data (e.g. when you leave a comment), you agree we can use that data, as submitted, for any purpose related to the Site. We will apply data protection laws (and give you the corresponding rights and protection) if and when applicable.

7. Law & disputes

Belgian law applies. Only the courts of Brussels have jurisdiction.