Understand your Intellectual Property

Knowing which IP rights can apply to your technology and your business is a first, essential step.

But it needs to be followed by a second, even more important step.

What does it all mean? What do IP rights do for you and your business? What is the effect of choosing for one option, rather than the other.

IP rights can be counter-intuitive. They are a specialized field of expertise, where legal concepts such as exclusive rights meet technological qualifications such as novelty or original, and where both need to be understood in the light of where a business positions itself in the market.

So, knowing which IP rights can apply to your business is not sufficient – you need to understand how those IP rights can affect you.

As always, such assessment has two sides to it: a risk side and an opportunity side.

Through our services, we offer the opportunity to understand better the risks and opportunities that Intellectual Property poses to your business.