Know your Intellectual Capital

How do you know which Intellectual Property Rights apply to your business and your innovation?

Can you register for patents? Should you? If so, where and when?

Or should you go for trade secrecy, and avoid the publication duties under patents?

What about your software – can it be patented? If so, to what extent?

Do you have copyright? Should you register it? Can you register copyright?

Can you use Open Source licenses in your business? If so, which one? Is a dual license model possible?

What about trademarks? What can you use as a trademark?

And what about your employees, your subcontractors, your business partners?

Is content essential to your business model? If so, should you try to control it through copyright, or through creative commons?

All these questions are typical for any technology business.

It is possible, of course, to address them all separately, and ask those individual questions to individual service providers, like law firms for your contracts, patent attorneys for your patents, trademark attorneys for your trademarks, and so on. Topical advise, on topical questions – assuming you know the best way to instruct these highly specialized professionals.

But what you would miss, is an integrated vision on which IP rights could apply, and which ones would be best for your business model. What you would miss, is an overview of all the different possibilities, offered without any specific preference or vested interest.

This is what we offer. Based on an assessment, not just of the technology, but also of the market and the business model, we can assess which IP right can apply to your business, and which ones would benefit you most.

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