Our Services – Open Source policy

Open Source is about more than risk – it is also about opportunity. We have developed a unique methodology to assess whether it is in the interest of your business to adopt Open Source as part of your business model.

This allows you to understand how Open Source can be of interest to you.

Accenture confirmed in 2010 that, back then, more than 50% of all businesses were fully committed to using Open Source in the business, and about 25% kept an open mind about using it in the future. The full report is available here.

Benefits of Open Source quoted were better value for money, better quality, more stability.

As a result, any business should have a clear view on what they want to do with Open Source, how and where they want to use it, and for what purpose.

Those guidelines are best set out in a clear Open Source policy, allowing all parts of the business to get the benefit of the information and expertise acquired around Open Source.

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