Our Services – Open Source analysis

Open Source software is no longer the playground of some computer geeks exchanging code in their free time.

It is estimated that up to 35% of all software code developed in 2011 is Open Source code.

Everybody uses it – most of the Internet runs on Open Source, and more and more business applications turn to Open Source.

But there is more: as the role of software in each technology business inevitably grows, knowing and understanding what Open Source does for you becomes essential.

Sometimes this can come as a complete surprise: in the “Busybox” case, in which we were involved, some of the defendants didn’t even know they had Open Source embedded in their hardware products – so they were not even aware of their duty to make the code available. They still had to comply, though.

When we perform an Open Source analysis, we will address questions such as:

  • Are you in compliance with your Open Source licenses?
  • Do you have an appropriate process to identify and approve the use of Open Source software?
  • Do you know where Open Source is used within your organization?
  • Are you aware of, and do you manage, the risks related to Open Source software in your organization, from purchasing, finance, marketing, to sales?
  • Do I need to perform a code scan, and if so, which product should I use?

In essence, our Open Source Analysis addresses the risk side of Open Source.

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