About us

Who are we?

IP strategy is a relatively new area of business. With the rising importance of intangibles and intellectual capital in our information society, IP strategy has been recognized as a key value-add for technology businesses.

This IP strategy consultancy was set up and is run by Joren De Wachter. Back in 2008, he recognized the emerging trend of the growing importance of understanding, using and planning Intellectual Capital.

Uniquely, coming from the software industry, his focus is more on software, internet, media, content and other related technologies. Read about his background here.

 Our Services

We provide the following services:

IP analysis.An IP analysis provides you with information and insight. It maps the IP rights that can apply to your business, and provides you with insight on what they can mean for you. Read more.

IP benchmarking.How do you compare to your peers in the market? Are you ahead or behind in your understanding, use and protection of IP? This exercise allows you to understand where you are, and where you need to take action. Read more.

IP policy. Seneca famously said: “To one who does not know to which port he is sailing, no wind is favorable“. An IP policy, starting from where you are, helps you understand where you want to go. Read more.

IP restructuring. How do you shield your IP from your operational risk? How do you ensure you get maximum benefit out of your IP? This service reduces your risk, and increases your revenue. Read more.

IP valuation. How much is it worth, all that IP? It’s an essential question, but not a very easy one to answer. We provide essential and unique insight in these matters. Read more.

Open Source analysis. Open Source is inescapable. Many large businesses have learnt this the hard way (we were involved in e.g. the busybox case). With more than 35% of all new code now Open Source, you need to understand your exposure to Open Source. By carrying out an Open Source analysis, you manage your risks related to Open Source. Read more.

Open Source policy. But Open Source is more than risk. It also means opportunity. Uniquely in the market, we have a methodology to help you understand if Open Source should (or not) become part of your strategy. Read more.

Coordination services. Instructing IP professionals is not easy, and they don’t come cheap. IP lawyers, trademark attorneys, patent attorneys, how do you know you instruct them properly? How do you get the most return on your spending? We can significantly reduce your costs and improve your return. Read more.

Legal services. We also provide specific legal services. These are focused on specific areas, such as software licensing, Open source licenses, distribution and revenue models and other technology related legal documents. Moreover, we have an extensive network of local and specialized professionals, across the world. Read more.