Overview of clients by technology

Below is a list of the businesses I have provided services to. Since some of them prefer anonymity, I will only describe them by their activities:


  • 3D printing (several)
  • financial services software (back office, front end, middle office, payment systems, portfolio management)
  • Big Data/data analytics
  • Open Source and Creative Commons business models
  • hardware management software / Internet of things
  • Video over IP / CCTV
  • 4D scanning
  • Cloud identity management systems
  • software conversion tools
  • online interactive video software, other online video systems
  • data governance systems
  • University tech transfer IP advise
  • online HR management
  • social media platforms & services (several)
  • mobile apps (several, with different functions, such as car-sharing, online surveys)
  • OS & middle ware (ticketing systems)
  • accounting & reporting software
  • robotics
  • ethical hacking
  • security/encryption
  • WordPress Plugins
  • online gaming
  • fraud detection systems
  • pattern recognition software
  • online music rights management systems
  • travel information management systems
  • music hardware/MIDI interface
  • online education systems
  • patent review & analytics systems
  • publishing (online and traditional)

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